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Some of our friends:
  MarkAudio.com High quality driver manufacturer & patron for the Mark Audio designs
  diyAudio Forum Premiere forum for do-it-yourself audio
  Frugal-Horn.com Home of many of our free designs
  T-Linespeakers.org Transmission Line Speakers (and more)
  Quarter-wave.com Martin King's site... his software has done much to rationalize and repopularize quarter-wave designs
  planet_10 hifi Sister site with DIY plans & worldwide source for EnABLed Fostex, CSS & Mark Audio drivers
  Brines Acoustics Highly refined Quarter Wave lines & BR designs from one of our friends / retired
  Stereo Clarity Bespoke manufacturer (USA) of Woden Design Enclosures
  Nutshell HiFI Lynn Olson's site
  HiQ Systems Danish manufacturer of Woden & planet10-hifi designs
  Mark Audio Dealers Listing on Mark Audio Site

A samping of free (for personal use) designs from Woden Design hosted elsewhere.
  • Spawns at Frugal-Horn.com, including Kongo, Haruna, KirishimaLotus, and Lake District series for CSS EL70, and the English Auto Series for Mark Audio EL70 & Pluvia Seven drivers.
  • Pensils for Mark Audio range
  • Classic TL Revisted -- a classic Radford style transmission line for the World Audio WD25 speaker kit.
  • Modern TLs for KEF B139


Yorkshire, Denelagh (England)


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