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  Woden Design is a small company specialising in the design of back loaded horns, quarter-wave, and transmission line cabinets, primarily for full range & wide band drive units. Based in northern England, we offer a range of detailed, high-performance plans for sale to the DIY speaker-builder, and also fully built systems hand-crafted to order (POA). We can provide a bespoke design service for commercial companies and individuals; please contact us for details.

Our general design approach is a blend of old and new methodologies. There was very little that the pioneers of audio reproduction did not do in the first decades of the 20th century, and we employ many of their design approaches as the starting point for all our speakers, which are then refined when required with the aid of more recent developments, including the use of some of the latest computer modelling software from Martin King. A brief description of what each of our speakers was designed for appears on their individual Plans Pages.

Should you consider a speaker employing full-range or wide-band drivers? The answer to this question rather depends on what it is you are hoping to achieve. If your goal is to reproduce 120dB low-frequency dynamic peaks at the listening position, then clearly, they are not going to match your requirements. However, for those with less extreme requirements, there are many potential advantages that can be reaped by employing such a speaker-system. Firstly, and most obviously, they are inherently a point-source. If precision-imaging is something you particularly value, then a single-driver system is about the best way to achieve it. Fans of blues, folk, and small ensembles are particularly well served, though our larger models are quite capable of turning their hand to classic rock when asked to do so. Also, unlike most modern multi-way speakers, there is no crossover, with their attendant matching, phase, and slope issues, located right in the middle of the region where human hearing is at its most sensitive (defined by Western Electric / Bell Laboratories some eight decades ago as stretching from 200Hz 4KHz). Moving on to less immediately obvious areas, a wide-bandwidth driver by definition possesses excellent transient response, generally possess good to excellent efficiency, and all tend to be easy amplifier loads.

Most of our cabinet designs are large back loaded horn variations, although we also do considerable work with transmission line, quarter-wave, and bass reflex enclosures. You will see that we frequently utilise an over-under mouth configuration to provide a quasi-MTM radiation pattern, increase the size of the horn relative to footprint, and allow more even coupling to the room.


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