Provisional Specification

  • Specialised design with Fostex FE166En or FF165wk 6.5in drive unit
  • Named for the Handley-Page Victor cresent-wing V-Bomber of the 1950s and '60s
  • Hypex expansion double-mouth horn
  • 60in x 9.5in x 17.5in (1524x241x445mm) HxWxD
  • 94dB 1m/1w
  • Frequency response 60Hz - 22KHz
  • Nomial impedance 8ohms
  • A larger and more efficient double mouth horn for use in modest - larger spaces. Greater extension, dynamic bandwidth and scale than the smaller designs, with the classic projective Fostex character

(beta testers needed)

Victor loudspeaker cabinet copyright Woden Design. All rights reserved. Purchase price covers personal use only. Commercial production requires a licence from Woden Design

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