Maiko II
  • Specialised design for the D5nf
  • Named for its proginator's beautiful daughter
  • Forward-firing double-mouth trapezoidal configured BVR
  • 53x9.75x11.5" HxWxD (1346x247x292mm)
  • SPL 90dB/W (m)
  • Frequency response ~55Hz - 20KHz
  • Nominal impedance 16Ohms
  • A very different enclosure from the original Maiko, which had a difficult birth, and a considerable advance in performance. Balanced response, happy with a variety of amplification & suitable for general listening in modest spaces, especially acoustic and ambient material.

Maiko II loudspeaker cabinet copyright Woden Design. All rights reserved. Purchase price covers personal use only. Commercial production requires a licence from Woden Design

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